Flintlock Theatre

Flintlock Theatre came round to play

Flintlock Theatre visited our home at Theatre Royal Winchester to begin work on developing an exciting new show to be performed at Hat Fair Festival 2015.

Born from the minds of Robin Colyer and Anna Glynn and founded in 2012, Flintlock Theatre soon started making a name for itself becoming Evolve Artists in Residence at Oxford Playhouse and receiving great acclaim from those in the industry and audiences alike.

It’s difficult to pigeonhole such a dynamic company but here’s how the team put it…

“Our style is very much still evolving, but recently we were asked to sum up our approach for some A-level students who were writing about our work. This is how we described it: High-energy, actor-led physical storytelling that exploits a direct, non-naturalistic relationship with the audience, often performed with the audience on 3 or 4 sides using minimal scenery, costume and props, and often featuring a small number of multi-rolling actors and a lively, eccentric musical soundtrack.” www.flintlocktheatre.com

Flintlock’s passion for tall tales and innovative ways to engage with audiences made them the perfect candidates for creating a piece especially for Hat Fair: we think they’ll be a brilliant fit for the magnificent (and bonkers) world of our festival.

“Bouncing off the walls with pride and excitement at how brilliant Flintlock Theatre are!”
Michelle Walker, Hat Fair Artistic Director