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The impact of coronavirus has left our charity in peril.

Hat Fair, Theatre Royal Winchester and Playmakers will disappear by September 2020 unless we act now.

Please visit our Survival appeal here

Survival appeal

Hat Fair is part of the Play to the Crowd family.

Play to the Crowd is an arts and education charity. Our family comprises of:

  • Theatre Royal Winchester - a beautiful middle scale heritage theatre.
  • Hat Fair - the oldest continuously operating Outdoor Arts Festival in the country.
  • Playmakers - a range of community engagement and creative learning programmes and activities.

Our charity's vision is to delight and unite.

We inspire people to connect with and participate in live performance - both indoors and out – and invite them to 'escape from the ordinary' and discover a lifelong love of theatre and the arts.

You can support us in many ways from donations to becoming a Play to the Crowd Member and enjoying great discounts.

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