Sonic Investigators

Sonic Investigators

Pupils at Winnall Primary become Sonic Investigators

Professional performance company Gobbledegook Theatre visited Winnall Primary School at the end of last month for a fun day of sound exploration, supported by Hampshire County Council and Hat Fair.

Led by Professor Stella Burrows played by Lorna Rees from Gobbledegook, the children became Sonic Investigators, using ear trumpets and stethoscopes to listen to the sounds found in their school surroundings.

The children explored every corner of the school for interesting sounds including the playground, the dinner hall and even the Head Teacher’s office!

Like true scientific investigators, they documented all their sound discoveries and used their research to create an original piece of music.

One of the many highlights of the day was ‘La Cart Musique’. This vintage-looking music laboratory on wheels was set up in the playground, complete with bubbles and uplifting beats which had pupils, parents and staff dancing away throughout the day.

Teacher, Helen Barney, said “My year 3 class had a super day of learning in a fun environment with Gobbledegook. They learnt a lot of new science, literacy and music skills and enjoyed every minute of the day, particularly the bubble machine and dancing!”

Gobbledegook Theatre will bring their installation piece Ear Trumpet to this year’s Hat Fair festival 2015 (3 – 4 July).

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