Recycled Silent Movie project workshop

The Making of a Recycled Silent Movie (part 2)

By Amy Pendry (Hat Fair and Engagement Producer)

Recycled Silent Movie Project – Workshops have started!

The Recycled Silent Movie is the final part of our two-year Celebrating Age project, funded by Arts Council England and Baring Foundation.

Last week, the workshops for our Silent Movie project began in earnest!

We started with a session at Chesil Lodge in Winchester.

Entering the room, we were a group of relative strangers, however we finished the first session with so many shared memories and interlinking stories.

The group found similarities between their childhood memories of cattle being brought to market along the Andover Road and taking ponies to the Blacksmith in central Winchester.

We delved into our first memories of the cinema; the food, the queues, the excitement of each visit. I think we were all shocked with ourselves when we discovered how much the whole experience, and often what we ate or drank, was much more important than the film itself!

The workshop also brought to light how intertwined some of our most poignant memories are to the places we live.

The group’s generosity in sharing memories brought everyone together through stories of births, antics with siblings, children’s achievements, and of course, love stories.

On Tuesday, we were up in Corby with a new group of people. Without a doubt, Corby’s strong spirit came through with every story. The sense of community-wide connection and determination was evident with memories of James Ashworth VC and of course, the story of the PLUTO pipeline. Even in this first workshop, we explored filming angles and how we might show our stories through props from our real-life memories.

Leaving the first workshops, Richard Hurford, Co-Director and Writer, and I have been hugely inspired by the commitment of the groups and how much creative input each individual has brought to the project. Our next stage will be to thread memories with recycled footage from the archives.

The workshops continue this week with a tour of the archive collections in each town, before filming starts in week 3.

This is certainly going to be a interesting project!

The Celebrating Age project is funded by Arts Council England and Baring Foundation Celebrating Age grant.

Recycled Silent Movie
Sat 9 & Sat 15 December

The Celebrating Age project is funded by Arts Council England and Baring Foundation Celebrating Age grant.