Recycled Silent Movie workshop

The Making of a Recycled Silent Movie (part 3)

By Amy Pendry (Hat Fair and Engagement Producer)

If you’ve been following our blog series, you’ll see that we’re now very much into the depths of the project, and very excitingly, the filming has begun!

In week 2, we visited the records office in Winchester and heritage collection in Corby. We were treated to a tour of the ‘off-bounds’ areas and had sneak-peaks into footage from days gone by in each town. The group in Winchester were so intrigued that our expert-guide, Matthew, was close to being overwhelmed with a number of volunteer applications!

It has been fascinating to go behind the public areas and discover the processes involved with archiving all number of texts and items. We were told about the vast quantity of items that are continually donated to the collections and the people-power required to ensure all of these items are recorded and preserved – what seems like an un-ending task!

In Winchester the oldest item held in the collection dates back to 957 AD. In Corby, there is some wonderful footage and photographs kept on the ‘Our Corby’ website and I would definitely recommend taking a trip to your local archives office – you never know what treasures you’ll find!

In week 3, we were joined by Valentina and Ben from film-artist company SDNA. They have been filming the participants with their resonant items. So far in workshops we’ve been discussing our first memories of the cinema as well as our favourite memories of the towns in which we live. From this, participants have now brought along an item which represents one of these memories. At the showcase, we’ll be displaying these items, giving audiences the chance to discover how we came to choose the final stories within the film.

We certainly had some very willing actors – lots of material to try out at the final workshop! We also decided on our inter-titles this week – our audiences will recognise many of these from classic silent movies – and our participants will be having some fun with these when we return to filming next week.

Every participant in this project has brought another element to the table, helping to shape the content of the film, and I can’t wait for it to be shared!

Recycled Silent Movie
Sat 9 & Sat 15 December

The Celebrating Age project is funded by Arts Council England and Baring Foundation Celebrating Age grant.