The Making of a Recycled Silent Movie (part 4)

By Amy Pendry (Hat Fair and Engagement Producer)

Week 4

This week we held our last workshops with participants before editing begins in earnest!

Working with our writer Richard Hurford, each participant created a mini-screenplay to go with their item and iconic memory moment. Starting with just a caption for a scene, the groups decided to add a moment of speech and an introduction to set the scene. At the end of workshop 3 and during this week’s session, the participants used their items as props, took their mini-scripts and created short scenes to bring their memories to life.

Following on from Richard’s direction, in week 4 we filmed applause from all of the participants in the workshop… from many different angles! The story will be built around the experience of going to the cinema, and so having rows of cinema seats will certainly set the scene, and a great way to introduce the participants in the film.

In Corby, we were honoured to have some of the original PLUTO pipeline in our workshop. We had been given permission for the section of pipe to be brought in along with an exhibition about how it was recovered and the history of the work. This is such a monumental part of Corby’s history and what a special addition to the film! We also had home-made Scottish fudge to share, made by one of the participants in Corby – Winchester’s team definitely appreciated the sugary delights!

At the showcase, the movie will be accompanied by live music from composer Jonathan Best and local young musicians. At the workshops, participants shared their ideas for musical themes and we’ll be sharing those at the musicians’ workshops this weekend.

The workshops in Winchester have been taking place at the newly opened Chesil Lodge in Winchester, and the wonderful team there have welcomed us with open arms, supplying tea and biscuits for our actors! Some of the participants live in the complex, but I know for some of our participants, just getting to the venue would be a struggle. We’ve been working with our partner organisations to make sure that we’re able to provide transport to anyone who wants to come, but who otherwise couldn’t. In Corby, we’ve had the addition of the lovely Janet in our workshops, allowing three participants from Shaw Healthcare to attend.

Many of our participants in Winchester have heard about this project through the Winchester Live at Home Scheme. On a Monday, lots of the participants who attend the scheme are part of the Singing for Wellbeing choir, and we’re very much hoping to hear from our choristers at the final showcase…fingers crossed!

After 3 hours of creating and filming, it was time to part ways for a few weeks. We’ve had a fantastic time bringing creative ideas together for the final film. All that’s left now is for Richard and film artists SDNA to bring all of these moments together for the film. I’m looking forward to seeing the final version!

Recycled Silent Movie
Sat 9 & Sat 15 December

The Celebrating Age project is funded by Arts Council England and Baring Foundation Celebrating Age grant.