Recycled Silent Movie musicians

The Making of a Recycled Silent Movie (part 5)

By Amy Pendry (Hat Fair and Engagement Producer)

Week 5

Over the weekend we held our young musician’s workshops, in preparation for the live accompaniment on the night.

In Corby, members of the Concept music programme and other local young musicians came along to meet film pianist and composer Jonathan Best at The Core. All of our workshops have taken place in the same space, and it feels like we’ve been on a memorable journey in that room. All of the participants came along with a different musical strength and wowed us with their talents.

In Winchester, members of Winnall Rock School came together to work on the project. The group are an established ensemble and were immediately able to build on their skills, responding to the different ways to use instruments. I think many of them were amazed to discover what sounds their instruments made when they weren’t used in the traditional musical ways they’ve been used to.

Throughout both workshops we watched a section of Dracula and explored how to respond to the scenes, covering elements of film-making that have traditionally been used when making silent movies. Many of the musicians asked why it been made in black and white or why sound hadn’t been added – Jonny filled us all in with his expert knowledge in this field.

At the end of the two days, we’d explored many theatrical ways of music-making and only on the performance day itself will we finally see how it all comes together!

Recycled Silent Movie
Sat 9 & Sat 15 December

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