Making of the Recycled Movie Project

The Making of a Recycled Silent Movie (part 1)

By Amy Pendry (Hat Fair and Engagement Producer)

It is just two weeks until we start the workshops for our next project where we’re going to be making a Recycled Silent Movie.

You may ask why we’ve called it ‘recycled’… well we’ll be recycling footage from the local archives and finding stories from participants to combine and make into a 20 minute film.

I met up with Richard Hurford, the Writer and Co-Director for this project, before heading over to Hampshire Records Office where we had pre-ordered material, but very quickly found we needed to order much, much more!

We’ve been at both Hampshire Records Office and Corby Borough Heritage Collection this week, researching and unearthing some wonderful footage in the archives.

It was really interesting to get out the VHS videos and delve into some DVDs of the local landscapes and community activities.

It was an odd experience watching all of this footage without the sound, trying to prepare ourselves for the final product, where local young musicians will perform the accompaniment after taking part in workshops with composer and pianist Jonathan Best.

We’ve found visits from the Queen, with proud parades of children and cadet regiments. The visits were always popular and incredibly well-rehearsed.

On the other hand, we’ve also found amateur films of cricket games, blackberry picking and inner-city rambles.

It has been fascinating.

The only thing left to do is meet the participants in a few weeks and get their stories.

We will be showcasing the final film in December, so keep up to date with the Recycled Silent Movie project on social media

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