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Jacob Hulland Comedy

Eternally Rude

You smell! You imbecilic moronic buffoon! Are you wearing that shirt for a bet?

These are just some of the insults you can hear, from immortal alien Swiggy Mallow.

He's the universe's biggest grump, follow his bemused adventures as he's made it his mission to insult every intelligent being in the universe, alphabetically.

With Swiggy is his only companion, his spaceship's computer, (a slightly melancholic gadget, charged with keeping a database of all the beings Swiggy has insulted).

Jacob Hulland and his comedy ensemble, bring you a family-friendly show packed full of physical comedy, witty commentary, inventive story-telling through puppetry and mime and of course, plenty of science fiction fun.

See Swiggy getting into all sorts of hilarious scrapes and hijinks, in this exciting action and adventure show, it's a masterclass in miffing the entire universe off!

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