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DAMAEDANCE’s mesmerising outdoor work IRMÃ-sister is an exhilarating, cutting-edge exploration of the beauty and challenges of women's relationships, looking at how they affect and shape the way we perceive ourselves and our surrounding environment.

Narrated with an athletic and restless movement language, two women face a journey through conflict and harmony, tenderness, anger; misunderstanding and support, from which they can emerge only with a renewed understanding of themselves and the other.

Complex and thought-provoking, IRMÃ challenges classic preconceptions about women’s representation on stage, celebrating their strength and power and ultimately portraying women, who have weight, can sustain weight and at the same time display vulnerability.


IRMÃ-sister is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Hat Fair and Stockton International Riverside Festival.

DAMAEDANCE have been supported by Company Chameleon, who offered mentorship and in-kind support for the development of IRMÃ-sister.

What's on: IRMÃ-sister

Sat 03 Jul 2021

Sun 04 Jul 2021