Hurrah - Sarah Townley's Winning image

Winning Hat Fair Photograph Unveiled at Winchester Train Station

The winning entry of the Winchester Photographic Society’s annual Hat Fair photo competition has been unveiled at Winchester Train Station.

The extraordinary winning image entitled ‘Hurrah’ was taken by Sarah Townley at this year’s summer Outdoor Arts Festival Hat Fair, and, thanks to South Western Railway, will be on permanent display at Winchester Train station. The image will be displayed next to the winning entries from previous years’ competitions and provide a fantastic welcome at the train station to visitors to the city.

The image features Goronwy Thom and Richard Garaghty from Streetcomedy and was chosen by Alex Naylor, Station Manager and Andrew Loretto, Director of Hat Fair. Sarah also received 2 first class train tickets to a destination of their choice courtesy of South Western Railway.

Winning Photograph Unveiled
Andrew Loretto, Hat Fair Director, Sarah Townley, Winning Photographer and Alex Naylor, Train Station Manager