Woolly Hat Fair Needs You!


As the Woolly Hat Fair’s Live Advent Calendar continues, the festival organisers are asking the people of Winchester to help make two of its twenty-four events a reality. Woolly Hat Fair is on the hunt for three members of the general public to participate in an Open Diary Night at Maison Blanc on 18 December, and they are also seeking submissions for their Living Room Art Exhibition on 22 December at Brooks Shopping Centre.

On the Open Diary Night, people who keep diaries are invited to share excerpts from the past year with playwright John Retallack, also an avid diarist. Together they will explore the big days, the mundane days, the significant moments and the extraordinary experiences that life has thrown at them in 2015. Those that would prefer to watch are also invited to bring their diaries along for a reflective look back on the last 365 days.

The second project is an exhibition of art from people’s living room walls. Woolly Hat Fair are inviting the general public to loan them a picture from their living room walls within the next two weeks. It could be a homemade piece of art, something that has a story behind it, or something that has just always been ‘there’. Woolly Hat Fair then talk to the owner of the artwork to create a short audio recording of their connection to their artwork, for audiences to listen to as they wander around the exhibition.

Artistic Director Michelle Walker said, “The Woolly Hat Fair’s Live Advent Calendar has already involved a huge number of organisations giving their time and creativity to make the 24 events happen. But we also need the people of Winchester to join in! These two events in particular are about creating a miniature portrait of the city and its people through a very special glimpse into their lives, be that through their daily diary writings or the art that brings their homes to life.”
“We really hope people will enjoy the chance to be part of a unique project,” said Ms Walker, “and I for one can’t wait to hear and see their responses to our invitation!”

To get involved with either of these projects, please email Rose Slade on rose@hatfair.co.uk